Take Action

Be an advocate for persecuted believers

There are a number of ways to take action and be an advocate for the Persecuted Church. One of the easiest ways is to Write your Congressman or Parliamentarian and let them know that the current situation is unacceptable.

For Americans and many citizens of other freedom loving nations, your tax dollars are going toward foreign aid overseas. In 2010, the USA gave around $600 millions dollars to the Palestinian Authority to enabled it “to continue with reforms and promote growth.” As the USA is a country committed to religious freedom and as that value is part of our foreign policy abroad, we should ensure that while we are assisting other nations, our generosity does not indadvertedly enable persecution of religious minorities.

In 2012 the European Commission gave around 160 million euros to the PA for various initiatives. The PA was also eligible to receive additional funds under programs like the European Instrument for Democracy and Human Rights - “whose purpose is to to integrate the promotion of democracy and human rights into all of its external policies.” Unfortunately the PA is disregarding human rights in the case of many of its Christian citizens.

Write your Congressman and Share the Story with your friends and family on Twitter or Facebook. We cannot remain silent when the opportunity for change exists.

Remember those in prison as if you were their fellow prisoners, and those who are mistreated as if you yourselves were suffering.