Write your Parlamentarian

To contact your parliamentarian and speak out in defense of persecuted Christians under the PA, please find the corresponding information below for your country and a sample letter that you can send, expressing your concern.

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United Kingdom
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The Netherlands
Please use the following contact information to lobby the Foreign Affairs committee of the Dutch Parliament:

Clerk: T. van Toor
Deputy cleck: mw. J. Wiskerke
Committee-assistent(s): Mw. E. Durville, mw. S. Wouters
Direct-dailing number: +31(0)70 - 318 2020
Fax: +31(0)70 - 318 3435
E-mail: cie.buza@tweedekamer.nl
Committee Member List: http://www.houseofrepresentatives.nl/members_of_parliament/committees/foreign-affairs

Sample Letter
Dear MP (Name),

I am writing today as a concerned (religion) on behalf of Christians enduring persecution under the Palestinian Authority (PA). There is ample evidence and reports coming out of the Territories under Palestinian Authority control about this situation.

When faced with religious discrimination, harassment, intimidation and at times physical violence, the PA has failed to protect the Christian minority. When I think of the millions of (country) tax dollars that have gone toward strengthening the PA, I am disturbed at these reports. I encourage you to consider this situation upon approving further aid or to contact the Palestinian Authority and inquire as to why Christians are being discriminated against.

As a citizen of a democratic country, with our freedom comes great responsibility to those that languish under repressive governments. As a concerned voter, I ask that you stand for the religious freedom of Christians living under the PA.

Thank you for your attention to this urgent matter.


Sample Letter 2
Dear MP (Name),

As a concerned voter, I am disturbed by the lack of religious freedom for minorities living under the Palestinian Authority (PA).

As a tax-payer, I am outraged that an entity who the (country) has invested millions of dollars into continues to disregard the basic right to freedom of religion. The PA has repeatedly proven itself incapable of protecting the rights and freedoms of its religious minorities. The exodus of Christians from many PA controlled areas is evidence of this fact, despite news reports that suggest differently. Acts of violence, vandalism, murder, rape, torture and economic discrimination go unpunished by the Palestinian Authority.

I encourage you to contact the Palestinian Authority and respectfully demand answers as to the state of Christian affairs - especially toward the evangelical Churches being denied their basic human rights and freedoms.

In a country committed to the principles of equality and freedom, we have a great responsibility to those who live without either. I ask you to stand for freedom and use your elected office to demand a real change for the Christians languishing under the PA’s control.

I appreciate your action on this urgent matter and I will consider your response as I go to the polls.


Remember those in prison as if you were their fellow prisoners, and those who are mistreated as if you yourselves were suffering.